Hairstylists Against Natural Hair Color


"My natural hair color is beautiful!" Said NO ONE EVER!!!!!! Well, maybe a few, but that is about as rare as a unicorn 😉. When we are children we get these natural highlights because our cuticle isn't as thick and we are spending more time in the sun.   This is great and all but as a result the older we get, the duller our hair tends to be in comparison.  I am noticing a disturbing trend where less and less people are coloring their hair and I am NOT OK WITH IT!!!!!  These are at LEAST 5 reasons why EVERYONE should color their hair.

1.  It gives you dimension. Dimension in fine hair gives it the appearance of fullness. In curly or wavy hair it gives the appearance of shape and movement. With trends like ombre and balyage that grow out is so nicely "I can't keep up with the maintenance" is no longer a viable excuse.

2.  Color can actually IMPROVE your hair texture. For coarse or frizzy hair, color contains conditioners and oils which can tame unruly hair. For finer hair textures, lighter pieces will expand the cuticle making fine hair feel fuller and thicker and giving it a better hold factor.

3.  It can brighten your skin tone and enhance your great qualities. As we get older, our hair looses pigment (think grey hair). Our skin also looses pigment, and going lighter can make you look younger and more vibrant.  And for those of you with killer eyes, it can draw attention to and make them pop!  

4.  It can change your face without going under the knife! With proper color placement we can actually make round faces look skinnier or shorten long faces!!!!  For round faces using darker placement near the sides and lighter on top can elongate your face shape.  If your face is long, you can add brightness near your cheekbones to pull you out and give your long face more of an oval appearance.

5.  It's an expression of you!!!!  Whether you like it or not, people form opinions of who you are within the first few seconds based on your appearance.  We have the ability to send messages immediately of how we want to be portrayed. From sultry and romantic to artistic and creative to natural and playful.  However you want to be perceived, what does your refleKTion say about you???

Need some color inspo?  Check out our BLONDE, BRUNETTE and RED hair color boards on Pinterest.  #refleKTthis

\\  KTP