safe haircolor?

we hope by know you have seen this video by BuzzFeed "11 Terrifying Facts About Makeup" - especially since we posted it on our FB page this week!!!!! in case you missed it - follow us on facebook to get all the latest updates. 

the video definitely makes US think about what we put on OUR hair, face and skin so we wanted to give YOU a little more background on the SAFE + SUSTAINABLE hair color and products we use at the salon everyday.

we proudly use Original & Mineral CCT (Clean Color Technology), which aims to decrease chemical exposure during the coloring process by replacing dangerous harsh chemicals with lower concentrations of safer alternatives. O&M color is:

AMMONIA FREE - unpleasant odor, many people become allergic due to exposure and suffer from itchy scalps and watery/red eyes while getting their hair colored. Scores an 8 on European Chemical Danger List. Replacement: MEA - odorless and gentle on hands and on hair. Scores a 4 on European Chemical Danger List.

PPD FREE - allergies to PPD are common and reactions include dermatitis, reddening, and swelling of the scalp and face. in some severe allergy cases the eyelids may completely close and can result in contact urticaria and anaphylaxis. Replacement PTDS - over 50% of people who could not use haircolor using PPD due to allergy were able to use PTDS.

RESORCINOL FREE - when flushed into the environment it is suspected to be toxic to fish, considered a strong sensitizer, and suspected to be human immune system toxicant. European Chemical Danger List scores a 7.  Replacement 2-Methylresorcinol or 4-Chlororescorcinol - according to Skin Database ratings these chemicals have less potential to sensitize and do not create the same environmental issues. Together they score a 3 on European Chemical Danger List.

the hair care products from this same line follow the same thinking: while not all these things have been proven harmful - if you can find a safer, natural alternative that has the same affect - why not?  below are the things NOT FOUND in the O&M hair care line (all products are vegan except the k-gravel which contains beeswax):

  • Parabens – one of the leading chemicals that can cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis.  Parabens are used in hair products as their antifungal and antibacterial properties act as a preservative for maintaining freshness and longer lasting shelf life.
  • MIT  - in most hair products, this is a toxic and allergenic ingredient, typically causing dermatitis.  It can cause itching, flaking and soreness on the scalp.
  • Triclosan – this has been linked to hormone disruption and the emergence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics and antibacterial products.  It is a chemical that is used to kill bacteria on hair.
  • Phthalates – especially dangerous to pregnant woman  as exposure to phtalates can cause harm during critical periods of a child’s development.
  • Sodium Chloride – strips moisture, elasticity and keratin from the hair.
  • Propylene – used to bind many hair care products together and retain moisture.  This ingredient has been linked to causing headaches, back aches and kidney problems.

so what about mommies to be?

according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), hair dyes are probably safe to use during pregnancy because so little dye is absorbed through the skin. however, it is still important to be cautious, therefore many health care providers recommend that pregnant women not use permanent hair dyes during the first three months.  (SOURCE:

as much as we chose to go cleaner for EVERYONE, we also chose it for ourselves. we support clean color technology so that we don't get sick doing the very thing that we love to do.

wanna know more about what is in the products you use everyday? 

The SKIN DEEP COSMETICS DATABASE is an online resource for consumers featuring safety profiles for over 69,000 cosmetics and personal care products and over 9,000 individual ingredients.  You can search by popular product or by specific ingredient and receive two easy to understand rankings.  a HAZARD ranking (on a 1-10 scale) and a ranking of the DATA AVAILABILITY (with source links) indicating how much is known about the ingredient.  They even have a nifty SMART PHONE APP you can download to access the database on the go!

other healthy living resources -

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have your own favorite resources for healthy living advice?  share them with us in the discussion below.

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