While I love to do it all, there are a few things I am particularly great at.


I am truly known for my color. My faves are……..

BLONDES - I create beautiful blondes that grow out impeccably. I love to create platinum, beigy, sandy, and honey blondes. With absolutely NO BRASSINESS or yellow. I use techniques that blend highlights and balyage.

OMBRE/BALYAGE - It can be subtle or dramatic depending on who I am working on. But it always melts beautifully. NEVER ANY HARSH LINES!


SHORT TEXTURED CUTS - I love short textured woman's haircuts. ALWAYS feminine and flattering to the face shape and hair texture.


HAIR UPS - My updo's are always soft, and feminine. I love the romantic messy vibe. ALWAYS PERFECTLY UNDONE.


NAPERVILLE: tues 12p-9p + thurs 10a-7p + alternating sat 9a-4p

CHICAGO: wed 10a-3p, fri 11a-8p, alternating sat 10a-6p

e: ktp@refleKTionsalon.com

IG: ktp187


I have been cutting hair since I was 5.  No really, I started with Barbie dolls.  Every doll had to have a different haircut.   By 14 I graduated to friends and family.  It was a no brainer when all my peers were running off to college that I should go to Beauty School.  I was a natural.  I worked all through school at Mario Tricocci, where I learned the importance of customer service and polished technical skills. As early as then I began teaching. Always having other students approaching me for advice and even teaching onstage for demonstrations.

When I graduated beauty school I made the decision that I needed to do both cutting and coloring, so I started my journey with Frank Gironda.   It was here that Irefined my technical skills and started my journey with education.   I helped develop a salon education program, and taught advanced cutting and coloring classes.  By 23, I was educating for Redken. My passion for education only continued to growthrough the years, eventually moving to TIGI and currently teaching for Original & Mineral.

With education being such a strong driving force within, I realized a gap between what I could create on my guest, and what my guest could replicate. It was then that I went after my dreams of owning my own business. I started in a little suite in downtown Lockport and soon expanded to three. I created classes geared towards the client to help them achieve salon quality hair themselves. 

I consider myself of more of an image consultant than just a hairstylist. I help create looks for people that work with their face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle. I take EVERYTHING into consideration. But the reason why people love coming to me is because I TELL THEM what we are doing based on all the information provided. I am not afraid to tell someone what will and won't work for them.  Everyone wants to have a strong enough trust in their stylist to let the stylist, “Do whatever you want.”, and mean it.

Around the time I opened the business my son started to develop allergies and asthma. There was a month where we were in the hospital 3 times. Feeling frustrated with the doctors opinion that there was nothing I could do but medicate, I started on a journey for a long term solution. We soon found that a lot of what he was experiencing could be prevented by eliminating harsh chemicals and highly processed foods, specifically milk in his case. I soon began to realize that I have one of the most TOXIC JOBS EVER!!!!  But I am absolutely OBSESSED WITH WHAT I DO, so I had to figure something out. I learned a lot in the 6 months of researching product. First , there is NO SUCH THING AS ORGANIC HAIRCOLOR!!!!!   I also learned of the long term effects of common ingredientsfound in most of our beauty products on the market today. After months of research I Finally I found a product that uses safer alternatives and ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!

So to sum it up in one sentence…….. We are a SAFE+SUSTAINABLE salon that has an intense focus on educationfor the salon professional and the guest.