Personal Brand + Men's Style

Your personal brand is how you consistently behave, promote yourself and present yourself to others. Which is super important because it can form a connection with your target audience, whether that be to perspective clients and customers, or bosses and leaders. It can also distinguish you from the competition.

Non-verbal communication represents 80-90% of the information we receive. And Forbes magazine says you have about seven seconds for someone to form an opinion. That is barely enough time to introduce yourself.  So what are your non verbals saying about you???

What thoughts do you have about these images???

Does he take care of himself?  Will he take care of my project? Does he look the part of an account executive? What is he trying to communicate with that outfit? 

Remember - perception IS reality.

Here are some easy steps for improving YOUR reality.

1) Write down the image you currently have for yourself of your style and what it says about you. Be as honest as possible. 

2) Look at photographs of yourself in your wardrobe. What is it saying?  A photo says a million words. 

3) Write down how you want to be perceived.

4) Take control of your image.


1) dress for the job you want not the job you have.

2) it's just hair. Try new things. Step out of your box. 

3) if you are going to wear your hair long, have a clean cut face.

4) you can have as much scruff as wanted with a clean cut hair cut. 

5) all above rules are null and void when a man wears a suit - you can get away with just about anything in a sharp suit.

6) listen to your professional on hair style recommendations

Here is what is happening now with men's looks

Pompadour/Hard part








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