happy is the new beautiful

I have this client last week, she tells me this story smiling ear to ear, about how her car gets stuck at the beginning of her 1 mile driveway in a snowstorm. Her and her husband end up having to foot it in the vicious storm.  The walk takes over an hour due to the conditions, and when they finally make it in their home...... There is no heat. So they spend the next few hours on the phone trying to find someone who would come out. After a large sum of money and a new propane tank later, they had a warm home. Except, as soon as the house starts to warm up, they discover a pipe had burst. As she is telling me this story I cannot help but notice that she is glowing, with her huge grin. Here is someone who had 'a shit day' as Pink would say. Only the word she used to describe the whole experience, FUN.

In a recent Live Happy magazine article by John David Mann (read it here), he writes about a study conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky whose research in a happiness study found that 50% of your happiness was based on genetics, that only 10% was based on circumstance, and that a whopping 40% was within our own control. WOW. What a concept. Happiness in our own control. Well that couldn't be. That means I couldn't blame someone else for my unhappiness. That means, I cannot blame my circumstance.

Some people may perceive what happened to my client as terrible circumstance. You could even say that some people would have LET it control their happiness. Instead her perception was 'This is a fun challenge'.

Happiness is a choice, and it looks absolutely darling on EVERYONE. It doesn't matter how amazing I make your hair look, if you are not happy...... Something is missing.

// KTP

Read more about Dr. Lyubomirsky's happiness research here.

Listen below to our favorite GET HAPPY song by Pharrell.