emoticons and exclamation points!!!!

to kick this whole "blogging" thing off i wanted to tell you a bit about me - it's a little trick i learned back in my corporate days called "managing expectations" - start them out low and you'll never disappoint! JK :)

here's a list of some of my quirks that will inevitably make their way into my posts - so please don't be surprised OR offended :)

  • in my world there is no such thing as gross overuse of emoticons :), CAPITALIZATION or punctuation!!!!!!
  • i have wanderlust at its worst. some of my favorite places in the world include: turkey, thailand and france
  • i'm a gemini - don't get me started
  • despite being a shopaholic i frequently SERIOUSLY consider going minimalist - have you seen these guys??!!!  the urge usually lasts about 3 hours. or until the next email marketing alert i get from club monaco.... did i mention i was a gemini??

since i don't do hair nor am i skilled at much of anything in this realm - i will be writing about fun things such as: healthy living, fashion/shopping, travel, and beauty - but mostly shopping :)

so here is a sampling of a few things i bought this week that i am OBSESSED with - enjoy!

  1. Navy blue chiffon dress @ H&M - i'm headed to italy soon and thought this would be PERFECT for the amalfi coast!
  2. 3" chino short @ J Crew (in 4 colors - remember that shopping addiction thing i mentioned?) - ahhhhhhhhhsome!!!!!! i live on the beach so i'm stocking up on all things summer in anticipation of the day it will finally eek above 30 degrees
  3. this awesome romper @ Cotton On - this is one of my fav stores (think the australian version of h&m) and i can already see wearing this lounging around the house or even dressed up for a day out!

other things i am currently OBSESSING over - the song simplethings by miguel, coral nail polish (if i will it to become summer it will, right?), broccolini and #RKOBH (I LOVE MORGAN STEWART!!!!!!)

For more on things i'm currently salivating over follow my Pinterest board - OBSESSED.

// Vanessa