our first refleKTions

to kick off our first official "refleKTions" post we wanted to tell you a bit about who exactly is refleKTing :)

yup - that's us

yup - that's us

we are KTP (right) and Vanessa (left) and we're best friends and business partners.  we own refleKTion boutique salons in Naperville and the Lakeview East neighborhood of Chicago and we're bringing sexy back! oh wait, that's not it, we're bringing the "CLEAN AIR SALON" concept to our hometown.  what is a CLEAN AIR SALON you ask? you'll just have to wait to find out cus we launch next month!

now onto a bit about us -

KTP - the guru: hairstylist/colorist extraordinaire with 10+ years behind the chair, mommy, Zig Ziglar addict, holistic healing junkie and free spirit

Vanessa - aka "corporate": New York based chemical engineer turned business development pro, avid reader and traveler, some might say shopaholic, definite clean freak

we hope to use this space to share our story – what inspires us, what we love or are even a little OBSESSED with, what we learn along the way on this crazy journey, what keeps us going and even what makes us smile.  so thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from our stream of consciousness.

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