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Date of Service
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Tell us about your experience booking your appointment.
Booking my appointment was easy and not time consuming.
I received a timely response to my phone call/email.
It was not difficult to find a time that worked for me AND my stylist.
The front desk staff was friendly and professional in all correspondence.
I received an email immediately upon booking my appointment.
I received a confirmation email 3 days before my appointment.
The confirmation email came in enough time to remind me but not so early I forgot about my appointment again.
How did you contact the salon for your appointment?
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Tell us about your first impressions upon arriving for your services.
The salon was well marked and easy to find.
The salon was orderly and presentable when I arrived.
I was greeted by a member of the staff immediately upon arriving.
I was greeted using MY NAME within moments of arriving.
I was offered a drink and instructed where to sit and made comfortable (offered a magazine, jacket taken, shown the bathroom if necessary)
At all times I was made to feel comfortable and welcomed.
My stylist was timely for our appointment.
What was everyone doing when you arrived? *
Who was the first person to greet you upon arrival? *
Who was the first person to call you by your name?
Were you offered a drink upon arrival? *
Did your stylist greet you by NAME? *
The stylist sat down next to me and talked to me face-to-face.
I felt they took the time to understand my desired look.
I used visuals to help communicate my desired outcome.
The stylist used visuals (Pinterest, IG, etc) to confirm they understood my desired look.
The stylist gave me their professional opinion on what look we could achieve and JUSTIFIED their recommended plan of action.
We agreed upon a plan of action and they made sure I understood what to expect BEFORE starting to work on my hair.
The consultation was NOT rushed and flowed like a conversation.
The stylist discussed the COMMITMENT and COST to maintain my new look.
Chair-Side Manner *
Chair-Side Manner
The stylist guided me throughout the appointment (they told me where to sit, where to go for shampoo, etc).
They stylist asked me about myself and refrained from talking about themselves except when asked/where relevant.
Conversation flowed smoothly and remained professional.
Pauses in the conversation were natural and not awkward.
Did your stylist pick-up on your conversation preference and respond accordingly? *
I chose the salon because of SAFE products used.
My stylist talked about the products they used and the associated benefits.
My stylist helped me understand which products to buy FIRST.
My stylist came across as "sale-sy" when discussing the products.
I felt pressure to buy the products recommended to me.
My stylists gave me instructions on how to maintain my new do at home.
My stylist explained the referral program to me during my service.
My stylist thanked me and walked me to the front desk for checkout.
Wrap-Up *
The receptionist offered to pre-book my next appointment at checkout.
Checking out was easy and seamless.
I liked receiving my receipt via email instead of paper.
I was pleased with my overall experience.
I was pleased with my hair and couldn't wait to show it off.
I would recommend refleKTion boutique salon to others.
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