it is very important for us that you love your hair and experience with us including the price.
ALL new client color appointments begin with a complimentary IMAGE CONSULTATION
we work WITH YOU and within your budget to create a look that you can and WILL maintain that works with your lifestyle.

we at refleKTion proudly stand behind and guarantee all of our work.  WE PROMISE TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR HAIR - everyone's hair is different, and responds differently to treatments and services.  please allow enough time during your visit to allow for all steps that your look may entail.

ALL of our stylists have completed and continue to participate in significant CONTINUING EDUCATION to further refine their craft and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and products.   we are so confident in the level of service you will receive in any chair on our floor that outside of special requests we pair clients with stylists based on personality. so sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know and bond with your new style guru.


HAIRCUT - we believe in doing things the right way / not the way they've always been done.  we price all of our haircuts the same for men + women alike. (effective 01.01.16)

COLOR RETOUCH / TOUCHUP - this service is performed to achieve custom color formulations and grey coverage.  a color retouch can be applied at the same time as highlights to help make your visit with us more efficient.  your stylist will recommend a window of time between visits for this service depending on how quickly your hair grows.

HIGHLIGHTS/FOILS - highlights (or foils) can be placed in varying patterns and in different quantities to achieve color goals.  they are often combined with a color gloss to seal the color in, make hair shiny, and perfect the tone.  consider it a top coat for your hair.  your stylist can work with you to discuss the number of foils, placement, and pricing to get to your desired look. 
mini foil - an inexpensive way to brighten any look, your stylist can add a few face framing foils to brighten you up, or place them strategically to enhance your features and haircut.  
10-12 foils
surface foil - our version of the traditional "partial foil" with the placement of foils where you need it most, generally throughout the part and hairline,
12-30 foils
complete look foil - this is our "full foil" and is where you look like a space martian with a head FULL of foil.  this is used to create a SIGNIFICANT OVERALL color change.                      
30+ foils

COLOR GLOSS - a color gloss is a demi permanent haircolor that can be used to blend grey, create the perfect tone for highlights, go darker or richer, or a clear for shine.  consider it a "top coat" for the hair, closing the cuticle and sealing in color and moisture for shinier healthier hair.  great for your first color experience or for those who want a low maintenance look.

TECHNIQUE GLOSS - similar to the above, this is a multilayered gloss that helps to seamless blend balayage. Will be used in most balayage requests.

OMBRE/BALAYAGE- these are customized color services where instead of applying highlights in traditional foils and patterns your stylist will strategically hand paint lightener to create a more natural "lived in" color look.  these looks create a more subtle highlight on or near the root, and get lighter and brighter towards the ends allowing for a more natural grow out.

BLOW-DRY - color services are priced a la cart and include a quick 15 min blow-dry with your stylist to ensure the color came out as planned and so you don't leave with a wet head.  if you would like full salon blow-dry with your stylist please mention that at booking and book an additional blow-dry service.  often times a stylist working with an assistant will be able to utilize their assistant to provide a complimentary blow-dry as part of their apprenticeship.